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Our shop floor is of 4,500 sq.ft with Four CNC Vertical Machining centres and one CNC Lathe. We also have a Tool Room Facility with a range of Conventional Machines where we are manufacturing our own cutting tools required for component manufacturing (Ayyappa Industrial Tools). Equally, 30 young qualified professionals are working with us with all dedication and devotion. Together, we are achieving a very high quality in precision components for the most sophisticated Industries - Aircraft & Aerospace.

Our Conventional setup Consists of:

  1. Lathe - 4 nos,
  2. Milling machine - 3nos ,
  3. Cylindrical Grinding Machine - 5 nos ,
  4. Tool and Cutter Grinder - 6 nos ,
  5. Profile Grinder - 1no ,
  6. Slotting Machine - 1 no &
  7. Cutting Machine - 3 nos.


  1. We are in process of setting up Special Process Facility (Anodising, N.D.T)
  2. We are in the process of acquiring land in the Aero Park SEZ Zone near Bangalore International Airport (Devanahalli)